Suzhou Internationlisation Programme 2012_Day 5

Today is our second dayof visit to the school. We went for lessons with our buddies  and after lunch, we went for art lesson. The teacher gave us a lesson on 青花瓷 (a blue and white porcelain) which includes the history and how it is being drawn. She also showed us samples of it. After that, we started designing our own 青花瓷 on a paper plate. We have much fun drawing and many of us could produce excellent designs. After that, we left the school and proceed to Lan Li Yuan for hands on sewing activity. Soon after, we move on to  Tiger Hill 虎丘. Our tour guide told us that it is the most famous sight of Suzhou. We saw many cultural relics ad took many beautiful pictures. Of course, we saw the millennium-old Yunyan Pagoda and took our group picture there! Lastly, we went to Carrefour which is beside our hotel after dinner. We bought many local snacks for our family and went back to hotel early to pack our luggage and prepare our tomorrow (our last day in Suzhou)!  

Suzhou Internationlisation Programme 2012_Day 4

We woke up early in the morning and depart for school today. Our buddy gave us a warm welcome for our arrival. Afterwhich, we proceed for the flag raising ceremony. Their flag rising ceremony is totally different from ours. Some prefects were appointed as the announcer and flag riser. On top of that, a teachers shared a topic about reading. After flag rising ceremony, we proceed to our classroom to join our buddy for lessons. We have also participated in their mass exercise. In the afternoon, we had a tour around the school. When we left the school, we proceed to the Humble Adminstrator’s Garden and took many pictures. We visited the Ci Xiu Research Institute and learnt about different sewing methods of the delicate craft work.  Lastly, we went to Guanqian Street and Book Store for shopping! We learnt how to bargain with the shop keeper and we came back to hotel feeling happy and satisfied with the souvenir we bought.  

Suzhou Internationlisation Programme 2012_Day 3

We woke up with a happy mood and the weather is simply fantastic. We had a wonderful buffet breakfast before we depart Hangzhou. We stop by at a resting station and tasted the famous baby chrysanthemum tea which is only produced locally in Hangzhou. Soon after, we arrive Suzhou! We visit Hanshan Temple where we recite the poem written by Jiangnan scholar 张继 and gain a better understanding of the history of the temple. Some of us even went up to the bell tower to ring the bell! Next, we proceed to Suzhou Museum designed by the world famous architect I.M.Pei. We learnt about 文房四宝which consists of 纸、墨、笔、砚. After that. we visit the Silk Factory and learnt about the production process of making silk. We get to touch the cocoon and the silk worm. Some of us even participate in pulling the dried silk which is used in making silk blanket. Lastly, we went to Carrefour to buy some snack as supper. Carrefour here is extremely huge as compared to Singapore! Many of us went happy shopping with our teacher in charge. Finally, we arrive at the second hotel Suzhou Nanya Hotel. After preparation for tomorrow’s shool visit, we have a good night rest.   

Suzhou Internationlisation Programme 2012_Day 2

We wake up early in the morning feeling refreshed after a night of good rest. After having our buffet breakfast in the hotel, we set off for the first destination of the day-West Lake. As it is a Saturday, there are many people around the area and we are reminded to follow closely to our guide and teachers. The weather is cooling and the scenery is very beautiful as we cruise the lake in a boat. After that, we have our lunch with one of the dishes being the famous Dongpo meat. The next place we head for is Song Town, where we watch a spectacular show宋城千古情. After the show, we go to visit a tea village龙井问茶 where we learn more about tea eg. the time of tea harvesting, the art of tea drinking, the different grades of tea etc. We also buy some tea back home for our family. After dinner, we head back to the hotel for our daily defrief and reflection session with our teachers. Then, it is sweet dreams……

Suzhou Internationlisation Programme 2012_Day 1

Finally, we arrived Shanghai ! After meeting our local guide, we went for our very first local breakfast nearby. Later we set off to our first destination of the day-Wuzhen, an ancient water town. It is indeed very beautiful! After that, we went on to our next destination-Hangzhou, where we will be staying for the night. On the way, we visited the Yue Fei Mausoleum where we learned about his heroic deeds. It is also there that we learned the common food we ate back home-dough fritters(you tiao)was related to this part of the history. Later, we proceed for our dinner-another sumptous one with local flavours. By the time we arrived at our hotel, we were very exhausted. After debriefing and doing reflection with the teachers, we headed back to our rooms, looking forward to a good night of rest!